Staff Professional Development Programs
  • With the implementation of the National Security Law, schools are to devise measures related to safeguarding national security and national security education. To familiarize teachers with the National Security Law, Ms. Elsie Leung (alumna, former Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong) was invited to deliver a talk on 26 May 2021.  Representatives from the School Sponsoring Body, the IMC and PTA have also joined.  All participants have a better understanding of the details of the law after the talk.


  • School Self-Evaluation (31 May 2021)
    Towards the end of the implementation of the School Development Plan (2018-21), teachers gathered to have a thorough discussion and evaluation of the triennial plan on 31 May 2021. A holistic review with reference to the Performance Indicators was conducted to examine our strengths and areas for improvement.   These will give insights to the planning of the next School Development Plan (2021-24).