Summary of the Student LED project ~ Gratitude to the Community


This school year is a special year, we have had a new normal school time (a half-day face-to-face lesson time) throughout the year.   Below is a summary of what our school leaders have done to show gratitude to people who have contributed to our society during this new normal.


In April, there were different activities organized by our SU and House Exco which we called “Zesty April”.


During the “Salute Week”,  our six houses selected different organizations from different areas of Hong Kong which provide special care and related services to the underprivileged during the pandemic.  Students were introduced to these organizations and their services through morning broadcast and videos.  Students learned how to create delicate hand-made gifts that were presented by House Exco in May as a token of gratitude to the organizations.


Activities conducted by each House were as follows:


Blue House

Organization: 賽馬會上環青少年綜合服務中心


Green House

Organization: 荃灣青年空間香港青年協會


Pink House

Organization: 救世軍九龍城家庭支援中心 


Red House

Organization: 香港中華基督教青年會佐敦會所


Violet House

Organization: 食德好 Food Grace


Yellow House

Organization: 明愛莫張瑞勤社區中心

The school would like to thank House Excos for their effort and their contribution in organizing different meaningful activities.  They have been role models for our young Clarians and have helped instill in them the Student LED (Student as Learning Experience Designer) spirits.