S1 Admission Talk at St. Clare’s Primary School

Like school teachers, parents as well play a crucial role in shaping characters and the future of schoolchildren, especially for those who are spending their last formative year in the primary school.  In order to smooth out liaison for students and parents to bridge the gap from primary to secondary school life, our school was invited to organize an admission talk on 30 September 2021 for the parents of St. Clare’s Primary School, whose school title shares the same patron with ours. This valuable exchange occasion aims to provide parents with an insight into our school’s background and traditions, ranging from our vision to the pedagogical values in line with the Catholic indoctrination.  


The admission talk was divided into several sessions with hands-on information delivered by our principal Mrs. Chan, vice-principals and teachers-in-charge of both academic and student-oriented programmes, including but not limited to a great variety of subjects and extra-curricular activities. Besides, parents were cordially invited to participate in the Information Day in November 2021, in pursuit of a joyous and harmonious learning environment for the benefits of their children in the future.