The 95th Anniversary Celebration and the Blessing of the Lorraine Turcotte Library

To kick off the 95th Anniversary Celebration of St Clare’s Girls’ School, the Opening Ceremony was an integral event that officially marked the commencement of festivities. Followed by the national flag raising ceremony solemnly held and the welcoming speech delivered by the school supervisor, Ms Shirley Wong, a quartet of emcees consisting of students having been nurtured as Clarians since kindergarten or primary school joyfully introduced honorary guests including Rev. Joseph Yim, who officiated at the blessing of the newly-renovated Lorraine Turcotte Library, with an aim to fostering extensive reading culture among students.


The atmosphere of the Ceremony was symbolically heightened by assembling puzzle pieces to form the memorable shape of the maple leaf embodying our school motto Veritas Vincit.  Subsequent to  the surprise light-up, all guests and participants engagingly enjoyed performances from various parties who truly demonstrated the all-roundedness of Clarians, including the teacher-student duo of erhu-guzheng performance, the award-winning performances of the Chinese dance solo titled “The Girl on the Mongolian Prairie” and the dance crew presenting “Dancing in the Dark”.


The Opening Ceremony was widely celebrated by guests, principals, teachers, and students of the present and the past. In the Homecoming, guests of alumni were invited to return to campus to join current students to witness the festivities. There were photo-taking sessions in front of the welcoming backdrop and school uniforms in two different seasons, a selection of souvenirs designed by students, and a wide range of interactive games such as curling, indoor rowing, drone flying and VR guided tour. All these brought back nostalgic feelings and memories to alumni who also enjoyed socializing with classmates across decades. The Ceremony was a success with flying colors with students’ efforts demonstrating their physical, intellectual, creative and aesthetic talents, in pursuit of carrying forward traditions and legacy that embrace the past as well as enlighten the future.