The S1 Admission Info Talk 2022

The S1 Admission Info Talk of St Clare’s Girls’ School was held on 3 December 2022. Our principal, Mrs Cherry Chan, highlighted school’s strong emphasis on the students’ development of four cardinal virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance founded in the School Motto: Veritas Vincit.


Vice-principals also encapsulated academic arrangements, and physical and aesthetic developments of our students ranging from the English-rich activities and the literary exposure to the theatrical writing and production, to the inter-disciplinary studies of STEM education and Reading Across the Curriculum.  To broaden students’ global vision and skills, our School prioritises fun learning environment inside and outside school such as the school-wide movie appreciation, a visit to Disneyland and a variety of sports games and competitions. 


St. Clare’s Girls’ School is committed to providing quality education for young people and equipping them with skills to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.  During the Info Talk, parents and students had a valuable opportunity to picture a Clarian’s life through an experience-sharing exchange among a current student, a past student who is now a doctor, and a current teacher Ms. Tam who used to study in St. Clare’s.  This surely provided useful tips for primary students to equip themselves for adapting to the new secondary school life.


Apart from the admission procedures, the Info Talk was also alternated between a guided campus tour and a series of performances such as the choir singing and orchestration, a guzheng duo, a wonderfully choreographed Chinese folk dance and a costumed dramatic duologue, which immersed spectators in the visual and auditory enjoyment of St. Clare’s students’ multiple talents.