The S1 Orientation Day

The S1 Orientation Day on 25 August 2021 does not only represent a heartwarming welcome for the newcomers to St Clare’s Girls’ School, it also signifies an uplifting educational milestone and adventure for them as Clarians-to-be. Followed by the inspirational speeches delivered by the school Supervisor and the Principal, students, beaming at their bright four-buttoned uniforms that represent the Four Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance, gradually gained a better insight into our school’s vision and mission.  Together with help and information disseminated by the VP, teachers-in-charge of student affairs, as well as the social worker, students gladly embraced such an opportunity of cohesion and togetherness, which will definitely pave way for them to enjoy a joyous school life through learning, exploring and engaging together in the years to come.