Gifted Education Committee

Each student is gifted in her own special way. Thus our gifted education programmes are carried out in a three-tier mode operation mode. This comprehensive model facilitates gifted education through pull-out programmes within or after regular school hours so as to enrich and extend learning opportunities outside school. Effective implementation of gifted education does not only systematically and strategically develop the potential of gifted students, but also powerfully addresses learners’ diversity.


The Committee has been working collaboratively with various subject panels and the Student Activities and Leadership Committee in developing students’ interests and competence in order to stretch their potential and tap their talents. We provide them with training and exposure, imparting them with positivity and wisdom to strive for excellence in their endeavors.


To cater for learning diversity and to bring out the best in individuals, our school-based gifted education offers special programs to Accelerated Learners, elite performers in subjects and students who excel in music, sports and visual arts. They are nominated to join various competitions, pull-out programs and exchange programs. Through continual stretching and learning, they are better prepared and more confident to give their best.


The Way Forward

One significant insight gained from our gifted education is that this endeavour benefits not only gifted learners but all students. Strategies that reinforce higher-order thinking, creativity, personal-social competence and devise content and the learning process are crucial not only for gifted learners, but students of any ability.