School History

The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels was founded by Sister Mary of the Sacred Heart, a young Canadian missionary. In 1926, the co-foundress, Mother Mary Gabriel, and three other sisters arrived in Hong Kong with the aim of opening a Chinese novitiate for Chinese girls. They rented a flat in Nathan Road, one of the poorest parts of the community at that time and evaluated the possibility of the project.


On 7 February 1927, an English institute was set up with seven students. The institute was named after St. Clare, as suggested by Father Shak, and Veritas Vincit, which means “Truth Conquers”, was adopted as the school motto. At the end of February 1927, the Sisters moved to 5 Peace Avenue in Homantin. With an increasing number of students, the house at Peace Avenue became too small both for the students and Sisters’ quarters. At the end of October 1927, they moved to 3 Argyle Street at Homantin. Having taken the advice of Bishop Valtorta, the Sisters decided to establish themselves in a Chinese district. Eventually, Kennedy Town was chosen. The new school was opened in Sands Street in 1930 and later relocated to Prospect Place, Bonham Road in 1936.


The school was closed at the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, when some of the Sisters moved to Macau. During the Japanese occupation, only three Sisters remained on the premises. However, some students secretly took lessons in the school until 1945 when the war was over.


History Video

Sisters over-looking the Mount Davis Road 

school campus from Pokfulam Road

In 1945-46, the school was reorganized under a new education system. The morning session was for Form 1 to 5 under the government grant, whereas the afternoon session was for Primary 4 to Form 2 as a private school. Not until 1950, was permission given by the government to open a full primary school. Following an application by Sister Elizabeth of Portugal, the headmistress, a new site on Mount Davis Road was granted. The new campus of St Clare’s Girls’ School was completed and officially opened on 28 November 1959.

Year 1927 School Campus at 5 Peace Avenue,

Homantin, Kowloon

Primary 6 students at Prospect Place campus