Student Guidance Committee

Student Guidance Committee takes care of both the discipline and guidance work of students in line with Christian values. Whole school approach has been adopted, providing a safe, caring and conducive school environment. All members of the school share the same values in school guidance and have a clear understanding of their roles. They all work together devotedly to promote all-round development of students to become positive thinkers, self-respecting, self-disciplined, showing respect to others and willing to take up responsibilities as well as accept challenges. Indeed, special emphasis is put on personal growth and inter-personal relationship. Also, the Committee works tirelessly in building an inclusive culture, providing student guidance support and programmes to Non-Chinese speaking students and students with special education needs.


Prefect Board

The Committee takes charge of the Prefect Board which is comprised of over 60 Prefects from S.3 to S.5 to help maintain student discipline, to support the running of major school functions and events and to serve as role models for all students. The Prefects are nominated and chosen by teachers and the Ex-co and sub-committee members are elected by teachers and the newly formed Prefect Board. The Ex-co holds the morning assembly every day. Through leadership training and the discharge of duties, they develop their leadership skills and enhance the spirit of sisterhood among fellow schoolmates.

Big Sister Scheme

Big Sisters are recruited from S.2 to S.5. It offers student guidance service to various groups of students such as helping new S.1 students to adapt to the school, providing tutorial classes to students who are weaker in academic subjects, assisting teachers in running student guidance programmes and so on.


Sunshine Ambassadors

Sunshine Ambassadors are recruited to assist in the mental health education progammes and offer peer counselling service.