Vision & Mission


Core Values


As a Catholic school, we determine to carry on the contribution of the Catholic Church to education by upholding and passing on the core values of Truth, Justice, Love, Life and Family to our students to prepare them for their life and future responsibilities.








To guide our Clarians


The Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels had this vision when they chose St. Clare as our patron. In meeting the School Motto: Veritas Vincit (Truth Conquers), Clarians will reflect this beam by acquiring and practising the Four Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance through words and deeds.


The School is dedicated to the whole-person development of students with a belief in universal fraternity, Evangelical simplicity and a conscience imbued with the spirit and virtues of Christ, Our Lady and St. Clare.


Every Clarian will grow into a searcher of “Ultimate Truth” by embracing the following:

i.     Treasuring “poor in spirit” and “gentle of heart”

ii.   Determination for just cause

iii.  Unswerving loyalty to her ideals

iv.  Living her conviction with non-violent resistance.





The School is committed to providing an excellent all-round secondary education for students in the footsteps of St. Clare, a model of truth, honesty and Evangelical simplicity.


We nurture our students to

*  live their convictions and be a wise and honest person;

*  speak the truth and be an upright person;

*  overcome fear to rise above adversity and be a persevering and resilient person;

*  moderate the attraction of pleasures and be a grateful and giving person, leading a life of simplicity.


The School seeks to fulfil this mission through the collaborative effort of dedicated teachers and close cooperation with parents and the community at large.