Student Activities and Leadership Committee

An array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities has been offered to hone students’ leadership skills, develop their generic skills, widen their horizons and increase their exposure. These activities help fostering the continuous development of their multiple-intelligences and developing their interests. They also add funs and colours to their school life. There are over fifty clubs and societies ranging from co-curricular, art & cultural, interests, religious, social service and sports as well as numerous student bodies and school teams.

Student Activities


Organization of Clubs, Student Bodies, School Services Groups, Student Working Groups and School Teams

6 categories of clubs (Total: 46 clubs)

* Business Club
• Chinese Debating Team
• Chinese Society
• English Debating Team
• English Society
• Liberal Studies Society
• Mathematics Society
• Public Speaking Club
• Science Society

• Art Club
• Chinese Culture Society
• Chinese Drama Club
• English Drama Club
• History Film Club
• Music Club
• School Chinese Orchestra*
• School Choir
• School Orchestra –String*
• School Orchestra –Wind Band*

• Campus T.V.
• Chess Club
• Cookery Club
• French Club
• Japanese Club
• Photography Crew [I]

• Catholic Society
• Friends of Clare
• Legion of Mary

• Community Youth Club
• Girl Guides
• Green Bird In Action
• Interact Club
• Junior Police Call
• HK Award For Young People
• Red Cross

• Athletics Team
• Badminton Team
• Basketball Team*
• Chinese Dance Team
• Dance Crew (Hip Hop/Jazz)*
• Dodgeball Team
• Rope Skipping Team
• Swimming Team
• Table-Tennis Team
• Tennis Team
• Volleyball Team

* – clubs which members need audition
[I] – interest class of AES in senior form (to be held after school on Wednesdays, 4:00p.m.-5:30p.m., compulsory for S.4 students to join)

Student Bodies (3)
❶ Prefect Board ❷ Student Union ❸ House Committee

School Services Groups (2)
❶ Big Sisters ❷ Student Librarians

Student Working Groups (5)
❶ Religious, Moral, Civic & Enviornmental Education
❷ Career Service Group
❸ Community Service Group
❹ Sports Day and Swimming Gala Ad Hoc Group
❺ Putonghua Activity Working Group


School Teams (16)
Academic: *Chinese debate team, *English debate team
Sports: *Athletic team, *Badminton team, *Basketball team, *Chinese Dance team, *Dance Crew, *Dodgeball team, *Table-tennis team, *Tennis team, *Volleyball team, *Swimming team, *Rope Skipping
Music: *School Chinese Orchestra, *School Choir, *School Orchestra –String, *School Orchestra –Wind Band

Other Activities
Music for All & Sports for All Scheme for S.1 & 2
Students of these levels are required to learn at least one musical instrument and one kind of sports not just to develop an interest, but also for the development of their personal growth in the course of learning a new skill and/or interest. The school provides a wide variety of music and sports courses for them. These students are the seedlings for the school teams and orchestra groups.

Compulsory for S.1 students to join the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival
It is compulsory for all S.1 students to participate in the English solo verse competition in the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival which aims at building up their confidence and improving their spoken English proficiency. Their mentors are selected S.3 and S.4 students, guided by English teachers. As for S.2 students, they can choose either Chinese or English solo verse apart from other categories that they might be interested in.

School Picnic & Life-wide Learning Day
A school picnic day is held at the beginning of the school year annually for students and class teachers to get to know each other and to enjoy themselves in the natural environment. It also helps nurture class culture.

The Life-wide Learning Day provides a platform for students to learn outside the classroom as an attempt to broaden their horizons and increase their motivation to learn. It is theme-based according to levels and they are co-curricular activities.


Nurturing Young Leaders

It is the school’s belief that everyone is a leader. Thus, the school provides comprehensive leadership training programmes on knowledge, skills, attitudes and values across all levels and for different groups namely Student Union, Prefect Board, Budding Leaders and Club & Societies chairpersons.


Through the discharge of duties and service of various kinds both inside and outside school, not only can they apply what they have learnt, but also enhance their leadership qualities and skills. Much emphasis has been put on helping students to develop into reflective leaders. They are encouraged to engage in six-level reflection and organize student-led activities.

Student Union
We have a long history of a student body elected by students themselves. It was formerly called the Student Council. In 2001, there was a restructuring and since then it is named the Student Union. It has its own constitution defining its mission and roles.

The formation of the Student Union Executive Committee models a universal suffrage in which each student votes for the cabinet they trust. Before casting their votes, each prospective cabinet launches a campaign and participates in the Student Union Forum for all students to have a better understanding of their platform. This is a valuable chance for the Student Union cabinet to learn to cope with challenges and make prompt responses to students’ enquiries. Examples of activities are Operation Santa Claus, Clarians Got Talent, Thanksgiving Day and so on.

House System

The House system was initiated by our beloved former Principal and Supervisor Sr. Lorraine Turcotte. It aims to promote unity across all levels and sisterhood. It also provides chances for students to represent their House to compete on Sports Day, Swimming Gala etc., to hone their leadership skills and to showcase their talents and potential. It unites all students to work for the fame of the House they belong to and also the school as a family.


There are Six Houses named after the colours of the flowers they represent: Blue House (Bluebells) , Green House (Shamrock) Pink House (Pink Blossom), Red House (Rose), Violet House (Violet) and Yellow House (Daffodil).

The Budding Leaders Scheme
It is for students who show and want to develop leadership qualities. They are either recommended by class teachers or by self-nomination. Hands-on experience, structured leadership training programmes and peer mentorship training are given to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitude, paving the way for their leadership roles in the senior levels.