Curriculum Policies

Over the past 90 years the school has gained substantial expertise in applying a whole-school curriculum for the betterment of learning and teaching, taking into account the school environment and the varied learning needs of students.


Aligning with its goal of developing well-educated persons who are able to meet with future challenges, the curriculum is designed with the following emphasis:


  • Enabling students to attain knowledge and skills in diverse fields so that they will be able to actively explore their own university pursuits and career paths;
  • Promoting the well-balanced development of the mind and body and offering opportunities for students to discover their own potentials and reach self-actualization;
  • Cultivating essential learn-to-learn and high-ordered thinking skills (critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and creativity) necessary for self-motivated learning and daily life;
  • Providing students with a wide range of learning experiences conducive to the understanding of the diverse world.


Through a wide spectrum of learning and teaching strategies, we encourage students’ motivation and interest in learning. This prepares our students to connect in real-life contexts with real-world applications, and that they understand how learning contributes to solving daily problems and improving both their own lives and their society.



Vertical Curriculum


We have made adjustments in the curriculum and teaching strategies to strengthen the interfaces between Junior and Senior Secondary so as to bridge students’ learning successfully from one stage of learning to another. Most subject panels have mapped out the bridging of the Junior and Senior Secondary curriculum and plan relevant teaching strategies accordingly.