2021 Franciscan Family Teachers’ Day

2021 Franciscan Family Teachers’ Day was integrated in the Staff Development Programme held on 30 Sep in the school hall.


“To reflect on the Franciscan Anthropological and Pedagogical Vison with reference to the ideas of the Year of St. Joseph” was the theme of the Franciscan training programme this year.


A series of videos produced by the Franciscan Education Office focusing on “7 Sorrows and Joys of St. Joseph” were shown to all teachers. Activities on mindfulness and expressive art therapy have also been modified as a school-based programme entitled “Gaze at God’s Wonders”. Inviting all teachers to express their appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation through coffee art painting, the programme helped to further enhance teachers’ understanding of Franciscan Spirituality and the Franciscan approach to positive psychology, which would benefit teaching and learning on a spiritual level.