Subject-related Activities (Biology, Chinese History, Physics & Technology and Living) Outside Classroom (S.5)

Visit to Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences


Our Biology students visited the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences on 18/1/23. Through the themed guided tours and viewing different exhibits in the museum, students gained a better understanding of the history of medicine and public health in Hong Kong.





Visit to Hong Kong Science Museum


A visit to Hong Kong Science Museum for our S5 Physics students was arranged on 18 January 2023. Our girls were interested in looking at the displays and having hand-on experience in various games and demonstrations. The visit provided a good experience for them to learn outside classrooms.





Visit to the Food Innovation Centre of Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)


On 18 January 2023, our S5 students taking DSE Technology and Living visited the Food Innovation Centre (FIC) located at the Tsing Yi Campus of THEi.


The Project Manager, Dr. Carmen Man introduced the first electronic taste sensing system (E-tongue) and illustrated its application in analysis of food tastes and its role in supporting the food and beverage industry. Students also got a chance to explore the use of various facilities in food product development. Most students have shown much interest in the 3D food-printer and the colour lighting in sensory evaluation room in the centre.


Students then participated in a practical workshop on making veggie burger with plant-based meat by using okara and a range of plant-based ingredients.


Overall speaking, the visit has broadened our TL students’ vision of food development and enhanced their understanding in innovative food product and development.






  • 透過參觀館藏展品與博物館的設計,學會將古今結合,貫通所學,更好地理解和傳承中華文化和歷史​。


  • 於2023年2月3日(星期五)早上宗教、德育及公民教育時間(RMC Time)向全校師生分享參觀所得,讓其他同學初步認識博物館的特色,藉以引發同學對中華文化和歷史的興趣。