Adventure Ship Training Programme

The Student Activities and Leadership Committee organised the “Adventure Ship” training programme for S.1 to S.2 students on 15 April 2023, with the goal of improving students’ self-esteem, self-reliance and sense of team spirit.  

During the full-day programme, students were put through various sea-based challenges that required them to overcome their fears in order to achieve different goals.  The highlight of the day was definitely the final few activities that required students to jump into the sea from locations of increasing height on the ship.  Even though many students displayed anxiety leading up to each jump, none allowed their nervousness to stop them from taking the plunge – truly a commendable display of courage from these young girls.

As the training programme wrapped up with a relaxing return journey back to port, the atmosphere on the ship was filled with a sense of pride and achievement.  May our students’ newfound self-confidence be sustained throughout the rest of their secondary school life and beyond.