Cross-curricular Whole-person Development Programme (English Language and Literature in English)

Jointly organized by the Departments of English Language and Literature in English, the whole-person development programme held on 20 March 2023 encouraged students’ appreciation of drama as an art form through the staged performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Twenty-one English Drama Club members from S1 to S3 students participated in the “All The World’s Our Stage” Shakespeare Youth Drama Programme organised by the Shakespeare4All Company Limited since September 2022. The drama workshops led by the professional drama coach from the Company have been instrumental in honing the skills of our students in acting, stage presence, and vocal projection. The students have learned how to embody the characters with grace and poise, and their performances were truly outstanding. The show was very well-received and we were immensely proud of our students for their dedication and hard work in producing such an exceptional performance. The guidance and support of the Shakespeare4All Company have been invaluable in helping our students achieve their full potential. We look forward to future collaborations with Shakespeare4All and to seeing our students continue to grow and excel in the world of drama.



Besides, S.4 and S.5 students gathered for the first-ever Clarian Spelling Bee to encourage students to perfect the art of spelling. In a thrilling contest of wits and teamwork, represenatives from each class proved to be competent users of the English language and top spellers with extensive language exposure, who are able to master the spelling of some vocabulary items that obscure common phonological rules – even those used in Shakespeare’s works.  The competition was full of fun and excitement, developing students’ self-confidence and the ability to thrive!