2023-24 School Opening Ceremony

The School Opening Ceremony was held on 4th September 2023, marking the beginning of a new academic year filled with hope, aspirations, and a renewed sense of unity. The ceremony brought together students, teachers and past students to celebrate the school’s values, achievements and the bright future ahead.


The ceremony commenced with a solemn Flag Raising Ceremony, symbolizing the school’s commitment to upholding national pride and fostering a sense of unity among the students.


Following the flag raising, Sister Helen led a prayer, invoking blessings and guidance for the entire school community as they embarked on the new academic year.


Next, Ms. Shirley Wong, the School Supervisor, delivered an inspiring address. Ms. Wong expressed her optimism regarding the post-pandemic recovery, emphasizing the importance of face-to-face communication and interactive activities in fostering joyful learning. Highlighting the theme of the year, “confidence“, Ms. Wong encouraged students to embrace personal growth, humility, assertiveness, and decisiveness without arrogance.


Principal Mrs. Chan then delivered a remarkable speech, focusing on the school theme, “Anchored in Values; Soaring with Confidence.” Mrs. Chan emphasized the school’s commitment to nurturing students’ uniqueness and abilities to face challenges. She highlighted the integration of Values Education and Catholic values, promoting the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. Mrs. Chan assured students that various student-centered activities would be thoughtfully organized to cater to their holistic well-being and empower them to confidently express themselves, even after the end of the mask mandate.



During the ceremony, a touching “Blessing” video was showcased, evoking emotions and reminding all present of the importance of faith, gratitude, and compassion in their daily lives.



The ceremony also featured sharing sessions by past students, including Katie He, the 2022-2023 Student of the Year, Harriet Wu, and Czerny Kwok, both recipients of the 2022-2023 Sr. Lorraine Scholarship. Their words of wisdom and personal experiences left a lasting impact on our students, inspiring them to persevere, stay determined, and embrace lifelong learning. Their presence reinforced the strong bond between past and present students, highlighting the supportive network that continues to thrive within our school community.



As a symbol of responsibility and leadership, badges were pinned to the Prefect Board, Student Union, and Houses, acknowledging the commitment and dedication of these student groups to serve the school community.



The ceremony concluded on a high note with all attendees joining together to sing the school song, uniting their voices and reaffirming their shared values and school spirit.


The School Opening Ceremony was a memorable and uplifting event, setting the tone for the academic year ahead. It highlighted the school’s commitment to providing a nurturing environment, fostering confidence, and cultivating well-rounded individuals anchored in values. The ceremony showcased the strong bond between past and present students, reminding all that they are part of a supportive and thriving school community.