The Principal

Mrs Cherry Chan

Greetings to you!

I am very grateful and honoured to have been appointed the new Principal of St. Clare’s Girls’ School. Thanks to the dedication of all the former Principals and teachers, SCGS has not only maintained its rich heritage and fine tradition, but has also paved the way for Clarians to thrive and shine in the 21st century with global perspectives and versatility. With concerted effort and the support of all teachers, staff and parents, I am pleased to walk in hand with everyone and bring SCGS to new heights.

Our Lord Jesus said we are the salt and light of the world (Mt 5:13-14). The school plays an important role in witnessing the love and presence of God in life. All our teachers are devoted to be the salt that adds flavour to the life of Clarians and be the light that illuminates them. Upholding the core values of Catholic Education and the school motto, “Truth Conquers”, we are devoted to sowing good seeds in the hearts and souls of our students, so that they might be inspired and enlightened throughout their lives.

Gratitude is the most precious jewel in our hearts and leads us to countless blessings in life. Thanks be to God, I have been given the chance to count the blessings with everyone at SCGS.

Let this journey of love and gratitude begin here!

I wish you all a wonderful and fulfilling year ahead.

Mrs Cherry Chan