Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) eLearn Award Scheme

To encourage students to care for our societies and know more about different global issues (e.g., poverty, equality, refugees, environmental protection, public health issues, etc.), our school joined the SDGs eLearn Award Scheme organized by the UNICEF in 2022-2023. The Scheme allows students to take online lessons on different SDGs and commit practical steps in daily life in support of sustainable development of local community and the world. Over 7,500 participants from 93 secondary schools participated in the event and integrated SDGs knowledge into their daily lives. Six students from our school were eligible to obtain certificates issued by the organizer.


Gold Certificate

5M Tiffany Fung

Silver Certificate

6A Karen Fung, 6Pa Janice Leung

Bronze Certificate

2R Sarah Chai, 2M Priscilla Lam, 5T Milly Yeung

Gold Certificate Recipient: 5M Tiffany Fung