English Week 29 April – 3 May 2024

The English Week, titled “English Extravaganza,” was organized from April 29 to May 3, 2024. The programme built upon the initial success of the school’s Whole-Person Development (WPD) programme held earlier in April, where students alternated between watching school-based drama performances and engaging in various booth games in eight different locations. Students enjoyed the fun interactions through participating in language-based games inspired by Disney-themed movie characters.


To acknowledge our students’ achievements in English spelling, a Spelling Bee Competition was held, with two competitors from each S.4-S.5 class advancing to the final knockout round to determine this year’s “Spelling Champion”. Joelle (5L) won the Champion by demonstrating her techniques to break down and visualize unfamiliar words to deduce the difficult spelling correctly.


Moreover, the English Society hosted an English Songs Karaoke Singing event in the hall. Students, as well as English and non-English teachers, dedicated English songs to their classmates, who enthusiastically sang along. The atmosphere peaked when one of the classes presented their rendition of the song “How Far I’ll Go” in unison.


To provide an academic platform for our students to showcase their elegance and wit in speaking, a Debating Competition was held on the motion “Disneyland is where your dreams come true.” Both the affirmative and negative teams were able to present strong yet interesting arguments relevant to their generation, delivering their points and counterarguments in a persuasive and articulate manner.