Promoting Values Education through Experiential Learning Activities in Ethics and Religious Education

As part of a pilot scheme supported by the Education Bureau, we have integrated a series of experiential learning activities to promote school-based core values. Here are some highlights:


 (a)  Expressive Art Therapy Workshops

In April, our S4 students participated in expressive art therapy sessions. These workshops, conducted jointly with the Student Guidance Committee, focused on emotional exploration. Through activities like meditation and creative drawing, students developed positive coping mechanisms and a greater appreciation for life.


(b)       Empathy and Elderly Care

On 14 May 2024, S4 ERS students engaged in a workshop on preparing soft meals for the elderly, complemented by interactive games at a themed exhibition. This activity enhanced their empathy for the physical and mental needs of the elderly, encouraging them to consider the challenges presented by an aging society.



(c)        Pilgrimage

On 28 May 2024, a visit to the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Hong Kong provided ERS students a hands-on learning experience about the historical and cultural significance of Catholicism in the region. Students explored the cathedral, learned about the perseverance and sacrifices of missionaries, and gained insights into the symbolic significance of liturgical items.




These activities not only support the curriculum but also encourage students to engage deeply with values of empathy, respect, and cultural appreciation, preparing them to be thoughtful and informed members of society.